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CircuitCo at ESC Boston, MA 2011


CircuitCo-at- ESC-Boston- MA-2011

ESC (The Embedded Systems Conference) is the global electronics industry’s leading event. With cutting edge product demonstrations, visionary speeches and hundreds of essential technical training classes, ESC is the ideal venue for the design engineering community to learn, collaborate and recognize excellence. This year, ESC is hosted at Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA from September 17-20. The theme of this year is to celebrate decades of unique local electronics industry culture, innovation and significant contributions to the global technology industry.

CircuitCo, together with Texas Instruments (TI), will be hosting three different sessions at this year’s ESC:

BeagleBoard 101

Learn or refresh yourself on the basics of running Linux on the BeagleBoard, how to engage the BeagleBoard community, detail the boot process and survey the available community and commercial software that might be of greatest interest. A short update on the Linaro and Yocto Project community oriented organizations will be given and everyone will make sure they can boot and navigate the software installed on the provided boards.

Basic |/0 with the TinCanTools Beacon Board

Learn about the basics of utilizing drivers in Linux to perform simple I/O tasks including GPIO communications. The TinCanTools Beacon Board will be used as an example to let you test your ability to control and time signals on your BeagleBoard-xM’s expansion port.

Linux LCD Intergration with the Beagle Board Toys ULCD7 Lite

Learn how to interface a system-on-a-chip running Linux to an LCD panel by deriving new panel drivers from existing panel drivers. The basics will be explained with the existing ULCD-Lite integration and some topics regarding system integration will be covered. Students will be able to extend their Linux kernel driver to support additional display timings and modes.

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